Hello World!

Welcome to the White Willow Studios website! My name is Leslie, I am lady behind the lens and creative lead of White Willow Studios and White Willow Photography. My husband and I returned to Wisconsin in 2013 after finishing our military service, myself in the Army Reserves, and Justin, the Marine Corps. We returned with three daughters, and have since added one more to our litter--along with a dog, two cats, and six chickens.

Photography is, and always has been, my artistic outlet and passion. Through my work, I find peace, healing, happiness, and beauty. I also hold a full-time career, working for Qualitative Health Research Consultants, a health care research firm in Madison, Wisconsin. Both of my degrees center on health care administration and public health, while my photography skills have been acquired through one-on-one learning, online forums, and good old fashioned reading. Both careers bring balance in my ever-chaotic life, each career infuses me for the other, and together, they make me a better mom and wife. 

I have a strong hippie-like love for the outdoors, my family and I spend a lot of time camping, fishing, hiking, and gardening. As a proud member of the Poynette Area Chamber of Commerce, I am extremely passionate about supporting local youth sports and extra curricular activities and giving back to the community we live in. Enjoy the views as you browse my website, feel free to reach out with questions--I hope to connect with you soon! 

XOXO - Leslie


Photo courtesy of (the amazing) Bobbi Harte Photography  -  Madison, Wisconsin